Easter Egg Hunt Game

By Leanna, 16 June, 2016
Lesson Topics
Review Easter
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Junior High
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Introduce students to an Easter custom while simultaneously reviewing various grammar points
Worksheet, colored pencils

This is a great game that can supplement a full Easter lesson or stand alone at the end of a lesson for a quick Easter intro - used as a review tool for various grammar points!

Pass out the "Easter Egg Hunt" worksheet to each student  (no longer available - make your own!). Be sure to tell the students to NOT write their names on the sheet. Go over the sentences on the worksheet and then have the students fill in the blanks. For JHS, I use the following sentences:

  1. I play __________________________(sport, music instrument)
  2. I like to eat ______________________
  3. My favorite color is ________________
  4. I like to listen to ___________________(band, artist or type of music)

Feel free to change the sentences to fit any grammar point you want to review but I recommend asking the students to write about themselves (ie: hobbies, sports, preferences, etc). For ES, I would recommend having the students write about what fruit, color and animal they like. Some students will finish early so have them decorate their worksheets while they wait.

10 minutes should be more than enough time to pass out the worksheet, review the questions and have the students write their answers. I haven't been able to test this game out at ES yet but I would estimate that ES students could finish the worksheet in about 10 minutes as well since you can change the questions to fit their level. After the students have completed their worksheet,  collect the worksheets and have your OTE help you shuffle them. Next, explain to the students that they must go on an Easter egg hunt and find out which classmate has their worksheet.

This is where the game can get tricky. There are two ways you can have students search for their egg. The easier version would be to have the students simply repeat what is written on the egg they receive and then ask their partner, "Is this your egg?". However, if you want to add an extra challenge, you can have the students ask a series of questions. This requires you to change what is written on the sworksheet into a question. For example, the sentences I wrote above would change to:

  1. What do you play?
  2. What food do you like to eat?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. What do you like to listen to?

I recommend writing these questions on the board while the students are working on their worksheets and then having the students repeat the sentences with you a couple times. Once the students seem to understand how to ask the questions, pass out the shuffled worksheets. Hopefully no students will get their own worksheet but I have had that happen once! In order to prevent this, collect the papers from one side of the room and then pass those papers back out to the opposite side. After the students receive a worksheet, have them go on a hunt to find their egg! Ideally, each student will ask their classmates the above questions in order to find their own egg. If their classmate has their egg, the students will switch worksheets. Once the student finds their own egg, they can sit down and finish decorating it while their classmates are still on the hunt.



This is one of those games that can go amazingly well or really bad and I have had both experiences at my school! One class really got into the game and was even asking about the color of the eggs (i.e.: Is your egg purple and pink?) but the opposite can also happen where a student will simply show their worksheet to their classmates and nothing more. If this happens, try to encourage the students to use English and/or pass out stickers/stamps if you hear students using English.

Also, this game is part of my Easter lesson so before the game, I talk with the students about Easter and show them pictures of an Easter egg hunt in America. Many students have never heard of an Easter egg hunt so doing this activity without an introduction about Easter may be a little difficult.


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