Ghibli Karuta

By Elisa Rudolph, 3 October, 2018
Junior High
To practice nominative subject pronoun sentences.

This is for the Lesson 5, GET 2, aka 'who' and 'which' sentences.

  1. My teacher and I gave some quizzes to practice the grammer. (For ex: This is a girl who is Japanese. This is a girl who lives in America. This is a girl who likes tennis. Who is it? Naomi Osaka.)
  2. Hand out the picture decks to each group of 4-5 people.
  3. Play karuta, the ALT can read the sentences. We printed out large versions of the pictures to put on the board to help them.
  4. Give sentence decks to the winner of each group. Have them play karuta again, this time the winner reads.
  5. Take away the sentence deck when they're done. Have them put the picture cards into a deck, and take turns drawing a card and making their own sentence. It helps to have some hints on the board. Also encourage them to make their own sentence, it might be easier.
  6. Last, we did a short writing assignment, having them write a sentence using the target grammar about a teacher at the school and Kobe.

Feel free to pull whatever you like!

Ghibli characters.pdf (582.48 KB)


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