Greedy Pig

By Michael Atkinson, 19 July, 2016
Lesson Topics
Elementary Numbers
3 4 5 6
Play a fun probability game while learning numbers.
6-sided dice, point card

This is a classic elementary math game used when studying probability. I use it in lessons that introduce numbers and counting.

Students only need to know numbers 1 – 6 to play, but it is better if they know how to count to higher numbers such as 45.

To play:

  1. The game is separated into rounds. At the start of the round all students stand up.
  2. Roll the die. The number on the die is the points of the roll.
  3. After each roll, each student can choose to continue standing, or sit down. Students that sit down are safe with all collected points in the bank. They receive no more points for that round.
  4. A round ends when all students sit down or a 6 is rolled. When a six is rolled, all standing students get zero points for the round.
  5. Continue to the next round. Repeat steps 1-5. 
  6. Most points win.
  • It's best to demonstrate with 3 or so students at the front of the class before playing. Print out A3 sized score sheets to demonstrate. The game can be tricky to explain with words, but easy to see in a demonstration.
  • Add options, like 1,3, and 6 will end the round. Or put a score cap, if you go over 15 points a round you bust!
  • I tell the students that I won't write the numbers on the board, so they have to listen carefully.
  • Students get excited, make sure they are quiet before rolling the die.
greedy-pig.docx (50.88 KB)


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