By Alexander, 15 March, 2017
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Junior High
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Review vocabulary, spelling, and pronunciation.
chalkboard and chalk
  1. Draw dashes on the board corresponding to the number of letters in the target word.
  2. The students have to work out the word by guessing one letter at a time. Students can be selected however you like.
  3. For each incorrect guess a part of the hanged man is drawn, with the 10th miss causing the students to lose.

You can put the students in teams against each other or have them all against the teacher.

This is useful for teaching compound words like goldfish, downstairs and firefly since the students often know the component words and they learn a new word in the process.

** To make it more PC, you can change the hanged man to a disappearing staircase, a melting snowman, a plucked turkey/flower, an approaching monster, etc. 


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