HOW did you do it?

By Ashley Williams, 22 March, 2017
Familiarising students with asking and answering "How did you~?"

Create a handout for each student with a ‘you’ section and a ‘your friends’ section. Each section will have the same 5 question topics (the ‘you’ section using ‘How did you~?’ and the other using ‘How did he/she~?’
Example questions:
How did you come to school?
How did you spend last weekend?
How did you eat your breakfast?
How did you wake up?
How did you spend last night?
First, students fill in their own answers for the `you` section. Afterwards, they travel around the classroom and ask 5 friends for their answers, writing them in the appropriate space.
When they have finished, ask for volunteers to give their answers. (Ex/ Who was your partner? ~Yuki.~ How did she come to school? ~ She came by foot/ She flew.~)


Of course, teaching such a simple grammar point can be boring and many of the same answers are likely to appear. To make things interesting, ask your students to be as creative as possible with their answers!


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