How Many? / Numbers 1-30

By Rachel Pritchett, 19 July, 2016
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Junior High
Practice numbers 1-30 and answering 'How Many?'
Box with actions on paper strips, Worksheet, stopwatch

1. Warm-up (5 minutes): count together with the class to 30 and review the pronunciation for 13 vs. 30, the TH sound, 14 vs. 40, etc.

2. Group race (8-15 minutes): in groups of any number, students go in a circle saying each number in order from 1 to 20 (higher for higher grades). For example, one person says, `1!`, then the person to their left says `2!`, then the person to that person`s left says, `3!`, etc. Give them a few minutes to practice, then with a stop watch (in my experience, all of my schools already had some on hand), time each group. (Or for quieter, trustworthy classes at a school with tons of stopwatches on hand, give them each a stop watch and let them time themselves.)

Students usually get really into this activity and it`s good for shy classes. It can be done with anything that goes in order: days of the week, months, the alphabet, etc.

3. Box of activitiesbest with a genki class (10-25 min): I took a 100円 store trash can, covered it with yellow paper, and drew some pixelated question marks like a Mario Box and that seriously made the activity go up like 10x in genkiness. Have little folded strips of paper with inside each written with a number and an action (Example: 14 jumping jacks). In groups, students janken and the winner gets to come up and pick a piece of paper from the box. I have the class ask, `HOW MANY??` and the student must say the number in English, then I demonstrate the activity. The group must stand up and do the activity the written number of times while counting out loud before we move on to the next group. (You could do points too, more points for more genkiness or something.)

Examples of things written on the papers:

  • 14 jumping jacks

  • 10 touch your toes

  • 5 push-ups

  • 10 smiles (`1!` smile, `2!` smile, etc. This one is hilariously creepy.)

  • 20 kicks

  • 21 punches

  • 8 whispers

  • 9 spins

  • 15 shouts

  • 24 claps

  • 25 Woo`s! (Shout `Woo!` between each number)

  • 11 jumps

4. Drawing game (5+ minutes):  This activity was taken from a faint memory of something Octavio did with his class. Worksheet attached. For each box, I call out something to draw and students draw as many as they can until I call STOP! If I had had music, I would have played that and made them stop when the music stops. After I call stop, they have to write the number of items they managed to draw in the little square above. Then I ask the class, `How manysquares?` and they all answer with their own number before I walk around and individually ask them how many they drew. Students got really into the activity when I had them draw more and more difficult things. You could also have them switch with the person next to them for each round.

What I had them draw:

  1. Squares

  2. Dogs

  3. Fish

  4. Pikachus

  5. Marios

  6. Godzilla, the teacher, Doraemon, etc.



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