I am Superman

By Fergus Gifford, 19 July, 2016
To have the students form "I like" and "I live" sentences and practice them multiple times


  • Show the class a picture of a celebrity, a place and a food. Tell the class that you are that celebrity, you live in the place and you like the food.
  • Then hand out the worksheet to the class. The example is of Superman, living in Kobe and liking beef. Then you read through the example, or have a student read through the example. Be sure it is in the 1st person.
  • Next, have the class draw their own celebrity, place and food. Encourage them to be inventive and give them 10 minutes to do this.
  • After drawing, have them write the sentences.
  • Choose a student to read an example.
    • “I am Ichiro. I live in Seattle. I like bananas.”
  • Then tell the student who they are.
    • “You are Ichiro. You live in Seattle. You like bananas.”
  • Ensure that they understand how to form the 2nd person sentences. They should by this stage.


  • Have the students fold their paper so that the picture is on the front and the writing on the back.
  • Tell them that they have to janken three people and the winner must complete the following style of sentence:
  • “Hello. I am Ichiro, you are Superman. I live in Seattle, you live in Kobe. I like bananas, you like beef. Goodbye.”
  • Tell them to point at the images on their paper and their peer’s paper.
  • Upon completion, ask who did not win a single janken. Have those people do it in front of the class using their paper and an example of your choice.



There are many things you can do with the worksheet. You could have students present, you could tell them not to write sentences and then shuffle the papers and have someone write the sentence for someone else's picture, etc. Keep strict time with the drawing. Encourage the slow workers.

I-am-Superman.docx (206.68 KB)


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