I am/You are...

To review the grammar points "I am/You are", ensuring that students are confident in using them in spoken English.

This is designed as two follow up lessons to the grammar points:

“I am _____.”

“You are ______, right?”

The difference – aside from the grammar points – is the mechanics of the games, otherwise the format is the same for both lessons.

How the activity works:

  1. Introduce the characters.

There are 9 large game character cards that you can use in a dialogue between yourself and the OTE, it is important to check that the students know all of the game characters and can pronounce their names.

  1. Introduce the characters
  2. Read and repeat

Students practice repeating the target phrase after the ALT, either:

“I am ____.   I come from ______.”


“You are ____, right?.  You come from ______, right?”

  1. Introduce the characters
  2. Read and repeat
  3. The game

For the grammar point, “I am _____. I come from ______.”

For this game each student has a “secret” game card, they are not allowed to tell or show their friends.  When the game starts the stand up and walk around the room introducing themselves to each other trying to find someone with the same game card.  When they have done that they can sit down, the first 3 pairs will usually recieve a sticker.


For the grammar point “You are _____, right”.

Students recieve their secret game cards.  This time instead of introducing themselves to other students, they first have to janken with the winner then try and guess who their partner is by saying “You are ___, right?”  If they are correct the other player signs their scorecard and then they both changes partners.  If they are incorrect, they change partners.  The object is to get the most number of signatures on your scorecard.

  1. Introduce the characters
  2. Read and repeat
  3. The game
  4. Writing Practice

To finish the class students practice writing out the target phrases on the worksheet.


This involves students moving freely around the classroom so may not be suitable in some schools.

Junior High
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