I followed the Oregon Trail!

By Christopher Shirley, 31 October, 2016
Practice past tense
board game sheet, introduction material

For the introduction, I show my kids a slideshow or video of me doing various thing ridiculously, but with verbs they know (cooking edamame in a rice cooker). Then as a class we make example sentences on the board.

(Note: You can do this many ways. At my first school I just made a new DVD for each lesson. At my second school, there were no televisions, so I just printed everything. Now I load the pictures onto my iPhone, connect it to the TV, and use the slideshow function. You can buy the cable to do this at Joshin/Yamada Denki/Amazon.)

Then, after my OTE has clarified a few points in le Japonais, we move on to the board game! It’s pretty simple and attached below. (There are different versions for regular and irregular verbs.) Kids put their erasers/pen caps/pokeball keychains on Start, janken for turn order, roll the dice, move, and make a sentence in past tense. I usually make kids who mess up the sentence go back, but this depends largely on your class’ tendency to cooperation/bullying, etc. If it ends up being too short, you can just make them do a return trip back to Start.

Last is writing practice. I’ve attached one worksheet for regular verbs and one for irregular verbs.


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