I have

By Rachel Pritchett, 22 March, 2017
Junior High
Give students practice listening to `I have` sentences

1. Review the pictures of new words: teeth, tongue, hat, shoes (attached below!)

2. On the worksheet (also attached below), students must first fill out their 4 guesses. They pick a character from number one (Peach, Rosalina, or Daisy) and write it in number 1 in the box at the bottom. Same for numbers 2, 3, and 4. It`s best if they write in pen because they can cheat and erase their guesses otherwise!

3. Starting with number one, I put a picture on the board of Peach, Rosalina, and Daisy (attached below, preferably in color because some of the clues are color-related!) I then read three clues while students filled in the blanks. The JTE gave them a minute before writing the answers on the board. At the end, they circled who the clues were talking about.


1. I have blue eyes.
2. I have a boyfriend.
3. I have yellow hair.
Answer: Peach!

1. I have a big tongue.
2. I have teeth.
3. I have small eyes.
Answer: Boo!

1. I have a red hat.
2. I have a yellow star. (Students will immediately say Mario, but Diddy has yellow stars on his shirt! This is why it helps to have the characters in color on the board.
3. I have blue pants
Answer: Mario!

1. I have red shoes. (A little hard to see, but Misty`s shoes are red. So they all have red shoes.)
2. I have an egg. (Forgot to include, so I just drew Misty`s egg, Togepi, very badly on the board)
3. I have hair.
Answer: Misty!

Finally, students look at their guesses and if they happened to guess all four correctly they win wooo!

We took this activity slow, pausing between each clue to check their listening, and sometimes we walked around the class with the big color picture so students could see better. In total, this activity took about 40-45 minutes.



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