Interview Bingo

By Jason Bigelow, 20 July, 2016
Lesson Topics
Review NEW CROWN 3
Junior High
To have students eager to ask either the ALT or their friends questions about themselves in English, using grammar that they have studied in all three years of Junior High School.

This is a bingo based interview lesson.


Give students the worksheet, so they can see the questions to be used during the explanation.


The worksheet has twenty-four questions at the top.  These are questions that the students will ask to their ALT.  So, they must guess what the ALT might think and write their answer into the Bingo spaces below. 
For example, with the question, “Which do you like more, English or Japanese?”, students will write, “1. English” or “2. Japanese”, in any desired Bingo space. 
If they guess correct, they can circle that space (O), and if they are wrong, they must cross that space out (X).  For this game, both O bingos and X bingos count as a win.  Now encourge them to guess.


Give the students time to think.  This can vary on the students, but generally about 10 minutes is needed.  They will be staring at you often, don’t worry, they are just judging your thoughts by your appearance.  After judgement, they will be ready to play.


When they are ready, use any method that works to have students ask questions (volunteers, calling on students, random student numbers, etc.).  How long the game goes on depends on how many bingos you want students to have and if you are giving expensive prizes.


Give prizes according to your preference.  Do you need this game to take up more time?


If you’d like this activity to take more time, have a student replace you at the podium when your finished, and the students have to guess about them.  If your class is able, you can also break them into groups, and have each group play with one student as the interviewee.  This leaves to move around class and be more free.


My worksheet is Jay oriented. First, I apologize, and second, remind you to change the questions to suit your class. I sometimes will use them as a half class activity, and then use it in a later class with someone other than myself as the interviewee.



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