This is... / It is... Directed Drawing

To listen/understand and generate inanimate demonstrative pronoun sentences with a descriptive second sentence.

1) Pass out the blank drawing worksheet.

2) Demonstrate the activity with an OTE.  The one of you who is less comfortable making bad drawings on a chalkboard says “This is an English textbook.  It is exciting!” or something similar, and the chalkboard drawer draws his or her image of an exciting English textbook.

3) Tell the students to draw what you say, and give them four “This is…[object or place].  It is…[easy descriptive word]” sentences.  Stress that this is not art class, it’s OK if they can’t draw and they need to do it quickly anyway. Give them about a minute to draw each sentence.  Ridiculous sentences are funnier.

4) Hand out the writing worksheet, and draw a silly image on the board (ex:  happy apple).  Students write “This is an apple.  It is happy.” for #1.

5) For #2 and #3, students write their own “This is…. It is….” sentences.

6) Students pair up and take turns drawing each others’ sentences.

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