Jack O'Lantern FUKUWARAI

to practice basic directions and face parts

This is a standard fukuwarai game, made for a Halloween lesson. Fukuwarai is a Japanese game, similar to pin the tail on the donkey, where a bind folded person must finish a face as accurately as possible.

Print, cut, and laminate a set for each group (~4 kids per group). One set includes the pumpkin, two eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Make the size pretty large as the small pieces can get lost easily.
Acquire something to use as a blindfold for each group.

Review basic directions (up, down, left, right, stop) and face parts (eye, nose, mouth)
In groups, one student takes a turn at a time and is blind folded.
Another group member gives them a face part and says what part it is.
The other group members give directions to the blindfolded student, with the goal to make the face as accurate as possible.
You can let each person finish the whole face, or if time is short each student can do one part of the face each.

Notes: I've played this with as young as grade 2, but to make it easier I made large paper mats to go under the pumpkin, with up, down, left and right written in katakana and English for them to reference while playing. Otherwise they usually default to Japanese.

Lesson Topics
Junior High