Let's Talk

By John Box, 21 March, 2017
Junior High
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To review lessons through writing, performing and listening to original skits based on the end of chapter "Let's Talk" dialogue.
worksheets, dictionaries, props (optional)


  • The class has covered the relevant language included in the dialogue
  • The students have two sessions to complete this activity.


  1. Preparation − Rewrite the dialogue in the “We’re Talking” lesson that you are teaching, leaving out parts of the text that you want to target. Add or remove parts of the text to make it more interesting/authentic. Provide some ideas or an example to assist students to complete the task.  Keep in mind students’ prior learning when making adjustments. Copy one for each student.
  2. In class − Model a completed example of the dialogue with the OTE.
  3. Check for comprehension of the text and task.
  4. Practice reading through the dialogue (your original and hilarious example) with the class.
  5. Break class into groups depending on the number of parts in each skit. (groups of 4 is optimum)
  6. Give groups time to ‘fill in the blanks’ of their dialogues. Encourage them to be original or to use the prompts on the worksheet. Assist with vocab, pronunciation and ideas. Give them time to rehearse.
  7. Perform the skits. (40–50mins with groups of 4)
  8. Ask the audience to evaluate each skit using the peer assessment table.
  9. Give positive feedback at the end of the activity. Allow students to give feedback also.


  • Change roles to celebrity names.
  • Film and show the skits
  • Record the audio and use for a listening task.
  • Use music and visual aides
  • Add a key phrase or quote that all groups must use (for bonus points!) i.e.  “Yes, we can.” “I have a dream.” That’s no moon, it’s a space station..!” etc.

Kyozai didn't let me upload my worksheets! Will bang them up when I can from home. Individually-tailored dialogues would probably be best anyway.


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