Math in English Class

Students will listen to math problems given in English and then solve them using a race format
  • Print out large numbers 0-9 on pieces of paper. Attach each set of numbers to a different construction paper color. Laminate if you want them to last. There should be 1 set of cards for every 10 students, so if you have 25 students, make three sets, if you have 35 students, make 4 sets.
  • Create a list of math problems using +, -, x, and /. The problems should only have each numeral used no more than once in the problem and answer. Ex. 5+6=11 does not work because the 1 is used twice, but 5+7=12 does because each number is only used once. There is one attached you can add to.
  • Split the students into two teams.
  • Pass out 1-2 numbers to each student (depends on the size of the team)
  • Read out the first problem without the answer. Ex- 6+4
  • In teams, the students must A. solve the problem and B. have the students with the corresponding numbers stand up in front of the class in order.

Ex. 8+9= 17, so students with the 8, 9, 1, and 7 must stand up in front of the room in that order

  • If a student has two numbers that are called in the same problem/solution, they must hand the number to another team member so it is the right spot (members can hold more than 1 number while in line)
  • The team that gets the problem correct and stand in line correctly first wins a point.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

This was a game played at my ICP. The students really enjoyed it, especially the 3 年.

If students are having a hard time solving the problems they can use scratch pieces of paper to solve the problems on.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
1 set of numbers 0-9 for every 10 students, list of math problems that don't use a number more than once