Months: Ice Cream Cones

By Rachel Bowyer, 26 July, 2016
To have the students learn and review months and also become familiar with the phrases `My birthday is...` and `When is your birthday?`
Month cards, ice cream scoop cutouts, months ice cream cones, worksheet with months on to write birthdays on


Show month cards and get students to repeat. Guess with the picture clues when the HRT and ALT's birthdays are.


  • Hand out the month cards and get the students to think of one thing that happens in those months such as a festival or what the weather is like. Present their choices to the class in month order.

Birthday Ice Cream

  • Do a demonstration on the board of birthday ice cream and show the students they need to write their name, their birthday and draw one present they would like on an ice cream scoop. Ask them what each colour of paper would represent as an ice cream flavour.

(Each ice cream scoop is added to its respective month cone. For example, all the April birthday scoops will be on one April cone. Make a display of the ice creams and put it in the classroom.)

  • Give students a sheet with the months and tell them to ask their classmates when their birthdays are. They write their classmate's name and the day of their birthday in the appropriate month section.


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