Mr. Gabriel gave Speak Raku a happy feeling. (S+V+O+O Bingo)

To practice the form of S+V+O+O via listening, writing, reading and speaking.


  1. Bingo card: 4 x 4 squares.
  2. A prepared grid (8 x 8 squares) with people’s names on the outer x- and y-axes, and the inside boxes having the following structure: verb + (direct object) + (object). Example: drew ___________ a picture. Subject (S) names are along on the vertical (y-) axis and the horizontal (x-) axis has the names of the direct objects, ie. Peter (y-axis) read Phil (x-axis) a book. I recommend writing the grid out on large paper to be posted on the blackboard for ease of reference and clarity. If you don’t have time, make it a worksheet instead.
  3. Prepared strips of paper with sentences derived from the grid.
  4. Hat or container for the strips of paper to be drawn from.
  5. Worksheet for writing practice.



  • Everyone gets a bingo card (and worksheet if made).
  • Number the squares on the bingo card (ex. from 1 to 16, or however many number of sentences to be read during the game).
  • Confirm the gender of the names on the grid.
  • Read the sentences on the strips of paper (make sure the students can’t read them), substituting the written names with pronouns (e.g. “He read him a book” instead of “Peterread Phil a book.”). Listening to the sentences, the students refer to the grid, looking for “read _________ a book” in the grid and then finding out who “he” and “him” are by checking the y-axis (subject) and x-axis (direct object). **Students write the second name (the direct object, i.e. the name on the x-axis) anywhere on their bingo card.

PLAY IT (20-25 MINS.)

  • For each sentence, choose a student to draw a strip of paper from the hat. They will read the sentence aloud.
  • Students who correctly wrote the second name in the sentence (the direct object) can then circle the appropriate box on their bingo card.
  • Bingo fun ensues.

WRITE IT (10-15 MINS.)

  • Students receive their writing practice worksheet and create 5 sentences in the S+V+O+O form using the grid as reference.

Original credits to Suki Wellman (Kobe JET 2007-2010). Worksheet not included.

Junior High
bingo cards, prepared sentences, grid paper