Mystery Classmate (20 Questions variation)

Familiarise students with the use of the grammar point as interrogatives and statements.

Provide each student with an index card-sized profile card with pre-made spaces for the following categories: Their favourite subject, favourite sport, their club activity, their gender, if they have sisters/brothers (separate spaces), if they have pets and if they wear glasses. Have them write their name at the very bottom.

When they have finished filling out the card, collect all of them to the front of the class and have all the students stand. Choose a card at random and have the students take turns asking questions to figure out whose card you have chosen using ‘is’ or ‘does’. (Ex: Is it a boy?, Does he like soccer~ The ALT will answer: Yes, he/she is/does- No, he/she doesn't).

Students who do not fit the descriptions must sit down, but they can continue to participate in guessing.

When a student guesses the mystery classmate, they receive praise or a reward.