The Nakayoshi Final Exam!

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of previous lessons by completing the final exam


This lesson is the final lesson for the Nakayoshi students. This lesson uses both written and verbal English skills.


1. The students must write their names in English, the date, and and their class (kumi).

2. The students must write the words in English (see attachment). Each word must be written two to three times.

  • The lines next to the words have been left blank. Please draw lines next to the words with how many times you would like your students to write the words.

3. Finally, students will identify words using English vocabulary.  For example, when they see the picture of a cat, they must say ‘cat.’

  • As the student completes this activity, stamp or sticker next to each word on their final exam sheet. This helps the student keep track of how many words they have left.
  • If a student is not able to identify a word, help them identify the word and then give them the stamp or sticker.
  • Different modifications among students is fine.  Therefore, if one student has a writing disability, only have them write the words one or two times. But if a student is excellent at writing English, have them write the word three or four times.
  • If the student is not able to write, have them say the words.
  • Some students may need help identifying previously learned words. Try and assist these students by whispering the word, or giving them other verbal clues.
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