Now You See It, Now You Don’t!

By Laura Young, 22 March, 2017
Junior High
1 2 3
Students will review vocabulary by playing a competitive word search game
projector and screen, blackboard, answer sheet


Set up the word search game board in Excel. Choose how many rows you want, i.e. 10×10

Put the students into teams.


  1. Read clues out to the students. Within their groups, students must think of what the clue is describing and look for it within the game board.
  2. When a student thinks they know the answer, they raise their hand and answer, i.e. “A3- banana.” If they are correct their team gets a point for each letter in the word, so banana would be worth 6 points.
  3. The teacher continues to read out clues to the students.
  4. Words can be forwards, backwards, up, down, or diagonal within the game board.
  • Adapt the vocabulary words and clues to the level of the students.
  • The game board can be made as big or small as you like, and the number of words can be based on how long you wish the activity to last.
  • A game board can easily be created in Excel, printed, and blown up. Or if you have time one can be drawn on the board.


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