Peppa's Christmas

By Karina Zic, 17 December, 2017
Lesson Topics
Elementary Holidays Christmas
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To introduce Christmas traditions in western countries to young learners

This activity is really simple: watch the Peppa Pig Christmas special, and get the kids to do the worksheet while they watch. It went down a treat with my 4年生 kids!! The worksheet has typical Christmas-y events that happen throughout the episode. Students just have to label the events in chronological order. You can pause throughout the video to ask questions and to check their understanding. You can explain cultural differences like calling Santa 'Father Christmas' and why having a snowball fight is impossible in Australia. The kids will not understand most of the English. That's fine. You can ask them what words they caught and praise them for that - watching a cartoon in all English is quite daunting!


The episode lasts about 10 minutes. With discussion time, this activity takes about half the class.

Peppa.docx (436.95 KB)


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