Phonics Cheat Sheet

I've uploaded the "cheat sheet" I mentioned at the phonics seminar during this past job training. It's not comprehensive, it just really covers the long and short vowels and silent/magic e rule. I didn't want to overload them and only wanted to focus on the kinds of words JHS 1st year students might encounter.

If you think you're 6th graders are confident enough I think this could work for them as well towards the end of the year to prepare them for JHS. And this could definitely be helpful to high school students that need a review or want to get into the nitty gritty of English and all it's confusing, conflicting rules.

It's still in Word format so feel free to adjust as you want!

PS. I also included the files of the ridiculous drawings and flashcards I've made when trying to teach the difference between similar sounding consonants i.e. R/L, M/N, etc.

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