Review vocabulary and spelling

Ahh, the age old game of scrabble. Here is a full set for your printing, cutting and playing pleasure.

I made them at A4 size but I recommend printing them at B4 size. Print them, cut them out and stick magnets to them. Throw ’em in a bag.


  1. Each team/player gets 7 tiles.
  2. Teams take turns making words on the board using their tiles.
    Words must be:


    • Correctly spelled.
    • At least two letters long
    • Not proper nouns (Names of people and places)
    • Spelt left to right, or top to bottom
    • Newly placed tiles must be adjacent and in the same row or column
  3. Teams score points for every letter in every new word they make.
  4. Replace the cards used with new cards so teams always have 7 cards.
  5. If they can’t make a word, teams can spend their turn to discard cards and draw new tiles.
  6. Team with the most points wins!

Pretty much everything is flexible. Take cards out if there's too many, or make more. Give them more than 7 cards. Allow names.

The original scrabble board has bonus squares (double/triple letter/word score). You can draw these on the board before playing.

Maybe add a rule that they have to use the word in a sentence when they make it.

Yes, it is allowed to make several new words by playing a word parallel to another, but every combination needs to be a acceptable word.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
large scrabble tiles, a lot of magnets