Sentence Auction

By Laura Young, 22 March, 2017
Junior High
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To have students use and review previously learned grammar by playing a game in which they must buy correct sentences to win
1 worksheet with 20 sentences--65% of which are incorrect--for each student, fake money

Make a handout with 20 sentences on it. 13 sentences should be correct. 7 sentences should be incorrect in some way.

Students will work in their groups to review the 20 sentences in the handout. They are to decide A) which sentences are correct and which are incorrect, and B) the changes needed for the incorrect sentences.

Each group will receive a set amount of money to buy sentences.

Students must bid on sentences as they’re called out randomly one at a time. They are then told if the sentence is good or bad.

  • When a group buys a good sentence, they get all the money they paid back as a reward. If no group buys a good sentence, then every group must pay a fine.
  • When a group buys a bad sentence, they lose the money they paid for it. Then any group has the chance to win that money by correctly saying how the sentence should be changed.
  • The group with the most money wins.

If the students are being very careful and not betting much, it is possible for no money to change hands, which is not fun. Here are some ideas to stop that from happening:

  • Groups who don’t try to buy a good sentence must pay a fine.
  • Groups who do not correctly say why a sentence is wrong must pay small fine.
  • When no group buys a bad sentence, the groups have a chance to correct it for a set amount of money (either one group or every group)


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