Sentence Race

By Jennifer Nishizaki, 27 July, 2016
Junior High
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Students will practice writing sentences in the simple past tense
A sheet of paper for each team to write their sentences on, character cut outs, large verb cards

Student’s rows will be their teams for this game.  Students have five minutes to write as many sentences as they can in simple past tense using subjects and verbs on the board.

Characters/People: Elmo, Doraemon, Mickey Mouse, Michael Jackson, Anpanman, Kitty Chan.

Verbs: cook, walk, watch, visit, play, talk, listen.

Example: Yesterday, Elmo cooked pizza.

Start with the first person in each row.  They will write a sentence, then they will pass the paper to the person behind them to write the next sentence.  Keep passing it up and down the row until the time runs out.  You cannot write the same sentence twice.

Once the time is up, as a class, take turns with a different person from each team reading their sentences until they have no more. The teacher and ALT will judge whether the sentence is correct.  The team with the most sentences wins.



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