Sentence Shuffle Card Game

By Karyn Stecyk, 21 March, 2017
Review past tense

Lesson: Past tense review – New Crown 1 p.104-106)

Length: ~45min (or longer), including explanation time

Prep: create 5 sets of the following cards (attachment no longer available), color-coding for each set will make assigning team names and keeping score easier

-game will involve 5 groups of ~7 students, depending on class size

(of course, you can make additional sets of cards to increase the number of groups)

-you can adjust the vocabulary used in the cards to reflect your own interests, or specific points your OTE wants you to use


The activity:

-Get the students into groups and give each group a set of cards. They can arrange the cards however they like on a group of desks. A separate pair of desks should be used for them to put their answer on.

-Keep score on the board. The first group to raise their hand with the correct answer made with their cards gets one point. The OTE should help by keeping track of the order in which groups raise their hands, as often the first group to do so will not have the correct answer.


Part 1: ALT reads out the sentence, and the students must listen and create that exact sentence using their cards.

Part 2: ALT reads out a sentence using the present tense and students must create a sentence in the past tense. Ex. “I go to a party.” –> “I went to a party.”

 (Sentence sheet for Part 1 and 2 in attachment)

Only read out the sentence once. This forces the kids to be quiet and listen carefully before rushing to create an answer. If none of the groups come up with the correct answer, move on to the next question.  


If you want to make the activity longer, you can change to asking students questions like, “What did she do on Sunday?”, and have the students create their own answer with the cards.


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