Shapes Coloring Game

By Kylah Riendeau, 20 October, 2016
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To introduce the names of basic shapes and to review colors and numbers
Worksheet with a bunch of random shapes, empty envelope/box/hat, colored pencils, shapes flashcards, color flashcards


  1. Introduce shapes (circle, square, triangle, heart, diamond, cross, star)
  2. Hand out worksheet, students take out colored pencils.
  3. While students are writing their names on their papers (in romaji) arrange the color flash cards and the shapes (separately) at the bottom of the board.
  4. Collect students name tags and put them into an envelope/hat or small box.
  5. Pull a name out of the hat and call the student up to choose a color. They must tell the class the color name and hang it in the middle of the board. Repeat for a shape.
  6. Students then color the chosen shape the chosen color on the worksheet.When they finish, ask the class (as a whole) how many of that shape appeared on their worksheet (Ex/ How many stars? 6? Is that right?).
  7. Repeat until all shapes are finished.
  • This lesson can run long depending on the class.
  • You may need to hurry the students along with the coloring. When about 6 students are finished start asking them to count. This will keep the others on task.
  • We often run out of time before all shapes can be colored.
  • I’ve found you don’t usually need to review numbers 1-10 so skipping this step will save you some time.


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