S/He is ___ing.

Students will be able to write simple "ing" sentences.

A present progressive activity involving speaking and writing.

  • OTE and ALT ask the class to watch them.
  • OTE asks the class “What is s/he doing?” gesturing to the ALT.
  • ALT then demonstrates no more than 3 actions. Students give answers. Ex/ “Running, Dancing, Swimming”, etc.
  • Students give their answers, write them on the board.
  • Demonstrate the conjugation from “run” to “running”.
  • Create sentences with the example words: “She is running.” “She is dancing” Etc.
  • Students copy notes from the board into their notebooks.
  • Have the students select one or two actions they would be willing to act out. If they do not know the word in English they should look it up now.
  • Have students pair up or get into groups of 4.
  • Students will act out their gestures and the other students must guess what they are doing. Once they have guessed correctly, they must write each action in sentences. E.g. Rinka is playing tennis. He is sleeping.
  • Once the activity is over have students turn in their papers to be corrected.

I have only taught the gesture section of this lesson as my OTE likes to explain the grammar point in Japanese and practice with worksheets. Editors please feel free to add or change as you see fit. Thank you! This works best if, at the end, students are in groups of 4 or if they rotate pairs

Junior High