The Silent Game

By Jovel Morgan, 16 June, 2016
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Junior High
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To get students to understand mouth movement for proper pronunciation.


The students play in teams (rows or groups) and they play in rotations within their team.

  1. The first student from each team stands up and face the ALT.
  2. The ALT mouths a letter, a number, or vocabulary word.  [Letting some air escape while mouthing doesn't hurt.  It actually causes them to be more quiet.  Just make sure you don't use your vocal cords.]
  3. The first student to clap or raise their hand (which ever method you prefer) and answer correctly receives a  point for their team.
  4. The students then switch to the next person in their rotation.

Occasionally, you start to see students trying to mimic your mouth movement to understand what you are saying.  If they don't get it, try to over exaggerate and/or slow down the mouth movements.

Eigo Note 2, page 9: I played this game instead of having students look for letters around the room. They wrote it down in their books and we checked their answers afterwards.   *It really helps them to understand and focus on the proper pronunciation of words, letters, and numbers.  For example, the difference between B and V, 15 and 50, or angry and hungry.


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