By Kylah Riendeau, 20 October, 2016
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Space Flashcards, 6 planet-themed team "fans" or signs


  • Introduce vocabulary using flashcards. Keep the words simple. No more than eight words. I use: sun, moon, star, comet, planet, rocket, spaceship and alien.

  • Practice as a group then as individuals.



  • Have the class divide into groups of 6. Give each group a planet sign (ex. Mars, Earth, Etc.)

  • In the first round (one point per correct answer) the ALT gives the word in English and the students tell you the name in Japanese. Ask your OTE for help determining which team is first and the correctness of the answer.

  • In round two (2 points per correct answer) the OTE says the Japanese name and the students must give the word in English.

  • If there is extra time you can have round three where each team chooses their best player. There is only one question. What is Uchuu in English? Answer: Space.

I suggest asking the students for the names of each item in Japanese to ensure they know what the picture is of. *Spaceship can be hard because they call it a U.F.O. It is up to you if you want to use U.F.O. rather than spaceship. *For round three be sure to introduce the vocabulary in the beginning. It is a challenge because it is not one of the flashcard words you practice. I make this question 3 points, depending on the class, but use your discretion.


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