Super Mario Trivia Battle

Review Any Material

This game functions much the way Typhoon would and is an excellent review game.

Attached is a set of 40 game cards and 8 team cards.  I made my deck by sandwiching a game card and piece of colored construction paper and then applying magnets and laminating. The deck will last forever this way.

Divide the class into teams as you see fit. I usually use rows or lunch groups for the sake of simplicity. Each team then selects a mascot from the 8 team cards.

The 40 game cards are affixed to the board face down so that no one knows which card is where. The game cards have various prizes and punishments on them. There are points cards both positive and negative in value. There are gift cards where the person who draws the card can give the points to a different team. There are attack cards where the person who drew the card can attack another team draining them of points.

Once teams are selected and the game cards are on the board start asking questions. I tell the students that the first person I see raise their hand gets to answer for the team. They can help each other get an answer but once they raise their hand they are on their own to answer. If one team is pulling ahead or another team is failing to act quickly I sometimes abandon the first come first serve rule and choose someone to call on.

As teams accumulate and loose points keep a score going underneath their team mascot card. Play until you are out of cards or time.   My students love this game and I have used it ES 4 through JHS 3. Enjoy and feel free to change it up as you see fit.


If your students get to rowdy running to the board to select their own cards you can make a grid so the students have to say things like b5 or a6 from their seats to select a card.

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