Tank Race

SWBAT use directional commands to direct their team towards a goal.


  • Divide the class into 4 teams, A, B, C, and D.
  • Teams roll dice for turn order. 
  • At the beginning of each turn, the team sends one member to roll a die for their number of commands that round.
  • The robot can perform 3 basic commands:

Go!  (straight/back)
Turn!  (left/right)
Shoot!  (straight only)


  • The robot will only move one square per command and only turn 90º per command.
  • Shoot can only be done once per turn.
  • Team members take turns calling out the commands to their robot.
  • If a player calls out an incorrect command  (ie “turn straight”), the team loses their remaining commands.

Advaced (optional) Rules

  • If the tank runs into a wall, the team loses their remaining commands.
  • Players cannot move through each other.  If one team refuses to move, another route must be chosen.
  • If a teams tank is shot then they must return to their starting corner.

Battle Mode:

Instead of racing to home base, the teams must use their robot to shoot their opponent's robot.  The last remaining robot is the winner.


This can be modified to work in 3rd; 4th grade Can supplement Eigo Note 2, Lesson 5

I lost the individual images I wanted to attach to the lesson, so I'm attaching the PDF I had made.

Lesson Topics
Junior High
A0 version of the maze grid, magnetic tank game pieces, "game controller" visualization aids, dice