Time Difference PPT

By Elisa Rudolph, 3 October, 2018
Lesson Topics
Elementary Time
4 5 6
To enjoy learning about time differences using the target sentence.

This was a little difficult for my ES 4年 students but they did enjoy it. The PPT asks what time it is in other countries, if it is noon in Japan.

You'll have to explain time difference (Japanese: jisa) first.  You can use the picture at the beginning of the PPT to help, and the homeroom teacher. It might take time, but it's a valuable concept to know. They study it in 4年 I think.

Next, you'll have to explain the premise that it is noon in Japan. Just keep reminding them during the PPT.

Now you can go through the PPT! You'll end up with a few crazy ideas from students, but if they're using the target sentence structure/vocab I think that's fine. The photos are meant to be hints.

p.s. sorry it's not an actual ppt, the file was too big.

timetravel.pdf (1.08 MB)


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