Verbs - Flash card set and 3 hint character quiz worksheet

To introduce students to more varied and interesting verbs

In this lesson, I've included my verb flashcard set. I made for 6th graders in an attempt to expand their verb choices so they could at least make more interesting sentences using the "I can~" grammatical framework.
These flashcards can also be made into Karuta cards if you print them out in 6 slide sheet style through PowerPoint.
After reviewing the vocabulary, I also have a 3 hint character guess worksheet that can be used as an activity. Though, it's best if it's the 2nd part of a lesson as the student's must know the question form "Can you~". Basically, students choose a secret character and then go around asking other people 3 hints using " can you~" type questions to discover what characters their classmates are. I have the kids play janken to decide who is first asking the 3 hints.

Lesson Topics
Junior High