What ______ Do you Like? Summer Themed Interview Game

By Elisa, 3 October, 2018
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To enjoy speaking the target sentence.

A nicely-designed pdf that is best used printed out, laminated, and used with whiteboard markers. Best used right before summer vacation.

  1. Divide the class into their hans/groups.
  2. Give each han a paper. Have them practice the sentences.
  3. Have half of the han be interviewers, and the other half be interviewees first.
  4. Place the papers throughout the classroom, and give each interviewer group 1-2 whiteboard markers.
  5. Have the interviewees float around and answer each question. The interviewers will tally on the paper. The interviewers will get a lot better at asking, which is cool to see. They should know how to say each response option, but I think if they are asking the questions that is enough. So for me, pointing is OK for the unfamiliar vocab.
  6. When one round is finished, have each interviewer group share the results of the winning answer by practicing numbers. For example, 'Ten people like udon.'
  7. Switch (interviewers become interviewees and likewise).


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