What season is this?

By Joy, 22 December, 2017
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Students practice saying and associating seasons by showing each other seasonal drawings
season flashcards, seasonal objects/events cards, season quiz ws
  1. Introduce the 4 seasons and talk about the differences among them. Have the HRT help generate ideas and output from the students.
  2. Introduce the sentences "What season is this?" and "It's ~" using gestures and pictures of seasonal events/things. Practice the sentences. Examples: 
    • Cherry blossoms --> spring
    • Festival with people wearing yukata --> summer
    • Red leaves --> autumn 
    • Snowman --> winter
  3. Show more seasonal pictures. Have the students chant, "What season is this?" before you show them the picture, then have them raise their hand to say "It's ~." Do this several times until they feel comfortable with the sentences. If need be, practice how to say the seasons again. 
  4. Tell the students that they will now make their own season quiz! Make the following things clear: 
    • The drawings don't have to be a work of art. Stick figures are okay, as long as people can tell what the drawing is. 
    • Pick ONE season.
    • If they finish early, they can color in their drawing. If they somehow finish that early too, they can draw a second quiz on the back. 
  5. Have the students watch a demonstration between you and the HRT (or a student volunteer). Then have them practice the sentences again. 
  6. Have the students do the activity in pairs first, then let them loose in the classroom to quiz as many people as possible. 

It might be hard for some grade levels (like 2nd grade) to understand the importance of using "It's", so it's okay to just focus on remembering the main question and the season names with younger kids. Some students might struggle with drawing, but if you show them a really easy example, it helps boost their confidence and gives them ideas. Some kids might mishear "summer" as "sanma", which is a type of fish often eaten in the autumn and associated with that season.

Season quiz ws.docx (276.84 KB)


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