What time is it in America?

By Jennifer Nishizaki, 27 July, 2016
Junior High
Students will practice listing to times and asking "What time is it?" for different states in America

Introduce the grammar by having students guess what time it is in your home country.

With map #1, have the students complete the map as a listening exercise.  Read off the states and the respective times.

With map #2, have the students use their imagination and fill in whatever times they want for the different states.  Give them about 1 or 2 minutes to do this.

Then, have them go around the room and ask their friends what time it is in each of the states. They can only ask for the time in one state.  Then they fill in the time on their map and tell one time to their partner.  They must keep talking to new partners to fill in their whole map.


This lesson is great for learning the time. However, I would change the country to your own when doing it. The format works well for Europe and probably Australasia too. I don’t doubt that it could be put to use by anyone from anywhere.

What-time-is-it.docx (287.83 KB)


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