What time is it? It's quiz time!

By Joy Sung, 22 December, 2017
Lesson Topics
Elementary Time
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Junior High
Students make clock quizzes to practice asking and saying the time, as well as practicing reading analog clocks
attached worksheet

After practicing numbers 1-59 and how to say the time, give the students the attached worksheet after giving them the following instructions: 

  1. Write their name.
  2. Decide the times and write them down on the DIGITAL side first.
  3. After deciding all of the times, draw the analog times.
  4. Fold the paper vertically in half along the line

Give the students 5 or so minutes to complete their worksheets, then demonstrate how to do the activity with the HRT

ALT: Hello! 
HRT: Hello! 
ALT: (Show analog side of paper and point to the first clock) What time is it?
HRT: It's... 4:30. 
ALT: (Point to second clock) What time is it? 
HRT: It's ...12:20. 
ALT: (Points to third clock) What time is it? 
HRT: It's...7:11! Haha... 
(Reverse roles)

Students should quiz each other in pairs. If there is time, they can walk around and quiz other classmates. Or you can have two students present in front of the class (depends on your class dynamic). 


Attached is also the worksheet I used for 4th grade, which I kept to one clock so that the kids could run around getting a ton of practice asking "What time is it?"



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