What’s this? What’s that? This is… That is….. WOW!

By Bridget Cassie, 22 March, 2017
Review lesson after learning 'What's this/that?' 'This is/that is'. For the students to understand and recognize the difference between the words 'this' and 'that'.
attached worksheet, black box, tactile items for students to touch, red pen, black pen

1. Oral introduction – ALT and OTE use a short dialogue to explain the grammar point.

For example: (The ALT and the OTE are on opposite sides of the room. The ALT is holding a black pen and the OTE is holding a red pen).

ALT: This is a black pen. That is a red pen (Pointing at your pen, then pointing at their pen).

OTE: This is a red pen. That is a black pen. (Pointing at your pen, then pointing at their pen).

After repeating this dialogue two times, check the understanding with the students by asking for a Japanese translation.

Follow this by getting two students to come up and take your position and the OTE‘s position. They will repeat the dialogue that you and the OTE have just used. You can definitely help them with cues. This can definitely be repeated, if you’d like.

2. Now ‘Mystery box’ game! (you will need a box and few random things to put in the box, I usually include a blackboard duster, pencil case, one of the students’ shoes, an umbrella and usually at the end as a sneaky ending, one of the students’ heads – of course with their body attached outside of the box).

Now make sure you do an example of the process first. You need three people for the activity. One person puts their hand in the box and guesses what it is, the second person stands beside this person and asks this person “What’s this?” and the third person stands at the back of the classroom and shouts across the room “what’s that?” You can do the first example with one student and two teachers.

Let the rest of the class help the student if they are having problems guessing, and the student is allowed to guess in Japanese. After they have guessed, you can introduce the new English word. I usually do this activity about five times, but if your students are super enthusiastic I would do it for longer.

3. Now you have the worksheet activity.

Go through 1-8 by asking students, “What’s that?” “What’s this?” (using your reward system to reward volunteers). Make sure the whole class repeats after each number so they know all the words and items on the page.

All students stand up and ask at least 4 people, “What’s this”, “What’s that?” then sit down. Another alternative for loud classes is pair practice.


You can decide which activity you will spend more time on.

This lesson was used to introduce all new vocabulary before they fully went over it with the OTE. This basically clarifies the meaning for the students and gives them more time to understand the subject than the normal single lesson.


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