Where is the _____?

Students will practice asking "where?" questions.

1. Review the grammar point, country names, animal names as necessary.

2. Divide the class into six groups. Give one worksheet to each group.

3. Have the students choose the order of students in the group (who is student #1~6).

4. The goal is to find all the animals first. You and your OTE have the answers.

5 Each group (groups 1-3 to you and 4-6 to your OTE) sends their first representative. Student #1 asks “Where is the __(insert any animal from the bottow of the worksheet here) __?”

6. Then you play janken. If you/OTE win, then student #1 goes back to their group and sends student #2 to ask the same question. If the student wins you give them the answer.

7. The first group to find all the animals and complete the worksheet wins.

It sounds easy, but it’s lots of speaking practice and tons of fun!


- I chose not to put the animals in their natural habitats (the kangaroo is not in Australia) because I wanted to make sure the students had to ask. You can of course move them wherever you'd like.

Junior High