Where do you (play tennis)?

By Michael, 15 March, 2017
Junior High
Encourage students to ask questions, then relay information back to their peers.
Attached sheets (one answer sheet for each teacher, one normal sheet for each student)

Based on Elizabeth Taylor‘s lesson found here. Just slightly different grammar point, and new handouts.

Remind students of “Where” questions. (New Crown p.41) Tell them that that is fine for asking where objects are, but actions need a different structure. “Where do you______?”

1. Hand out one worksheet to each student. Review vocab and grammar point as necessary.

2. Make 6 groups and delegate the order of the students in each group. (who is student #1~6)

3. The goal is get all, or as much information as you can within the time limit.

4. Each group (groups 1-3 to you and 4-6 to your OTE) sends their first representative. Student #1 asks “Where do you____?”

5. Then you play janken. If you/OTE win, then student #1 goes back to their group and sends student #2 to ask the same question. If the student wins you give them the answer.

6. If the students win the information, they must go back to their group and share it with their team mates.

It sounds easy, but it’s lots of speaking practice and tons of fun!

I was really surprised how much this motivated students to speak. Even in normally silent classes, students were very eager to approach the teacher and ask a question.

  • Be sure to demo the game with a practice round using only 3 groups first
  • Encourage a fun and exciting approach to the game. Knowing that they are only speaking with the teacher for fun will remove the anxiety of speaking in front of the whole class.
  • When giving the student order, for the first student, choose a higher level student, then just go clockwise. Or if you trust your students to handle it quickly let them choose their own order.
  • Students can only play Janken after they have asked a question.
  • This lesson took 50 mins for me. Depends on how much you review vocab. The game generally takes a little while too. Especially if you are good at Janken!
  • The pictures on the sheet are in grey-scale for easy printing, but feel free to change them back to color! :)


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