Which toppings do you want? Build-Your-Own-Burger

Students practice ordering burger toppings and sides. Based on Let's Talk 6 お昼ごはんを食べよう


(e.g. ALT is the customer and and OTE the store employee.) 

OTE: "Welcome to EIGO Burger! You can make your own burger! 

ALT: "Nice! I'm super hungry!" 

OTE: "Which meat do you want?" 

ALT: "Beef, please." 

OTE: "Which toppings do you want?" 

ALT: "Cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato, please." 

OTE: "What sauce do you want?" 

ALT: "Mayo, ketchup, and tabasco, please." 

OTE: "Which side do you want?" 

ALT: "Onion rings, please." 

OTE: "Which drink do you want?" 

ALT: "Melon soda, please." 

OTE: *Prepares the order* "Here you are." 

ALT: "Thank you!" 


Practice vocabulary pronunciation and dialogue. 


Pass out worksheets (order ws and burger tray ws). The student on the right plays the customer, and the student on the left plays the store employee. While the customer orders. the employee checks off the appropriate boxes. Once the order is made, the employee "draws" the order on the burger tray ws and hands it to the customer. Then the students switch roles. 


Have a couple students come to the front and use the demonstration props to "build" a burger in front of the class. 



...And now I'm hungry.

Junior High
laminated burger pieces with magnets, burger order ws for each student, burger tray ws for each student