“Whose is it?” Pictionary

By Ashley Williams, 22 March, 2017
Junior High
To familiarize students with the use of ‘whose’ and answering questions using it.
1 blank A4 sheet of paper per student
  • Go over the use of “whose” and how its questions are answered to make sure all students understand the target language point.
  • Hand out a blank sheet of paper to every student.
  • Have students draw a picture of anything they would like, but try to encourage something original and creative. Make sure students draw the picture big so that it can be clearly seen in the second part of the activity.
  • When drawing time is up, make sure all students have their names written on the back of their paper. The OTE/ALT will collect all the drawings and bring them to the front of the class.
  • From here, the OTE and ALT will take turns revealing a drawing at random to the class and ask “Whose is this”?
  • Students can then take turns raising their hands and guessing which of their friends drew the pictures using “it’s his/hers” or they may admit to it by using “it’s mine”. If the artist is not found or refuses the claim, the picture is placed on the board for further viewing.
  • When time has run out, teachers can reveal all drawings and the artists before moving on to the next part of the class.

Variation: no names are written, each student gets a drawing and each student has a turn at guessing around the class.


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