Kobe City Hall

Kobe City Hall


Kobe City Hall is on Flower Road, the main road leading south from Sannomiya Station, directly after the flower clock on the right hand side of the road. 

City Hall is made up of 3 buildings, and the School Education Division is located in building no. 3 on the 7th floor. The easiest entrance into City Hall is located on Flower Road and leads in to building 2. To get to building 3 you can go up to the 3rd floor and take the sky bridge across to building 3. There are plenty of signs inside the City Hall to guide you once you get inside.

Address in Japanese: 兵庫県神戸市中央区加納町6丁目6−5−1 〒650-0001

Location type

神戸市役所 (こうべしやくしょ)

The location of the School Education Division, your contracting organization. Former location of the now extinct Guidance Division.

City Hall actually consists of 4 buildings, that house different departments. Here are the highlights of each:

Building 1 - the tall, main building with the Kobe City emblem on top. 24th floor offers large windows and a great view of Sannomiya and beyond, along with a handful of restaurants. There is also a cafe on the 1st floor.

Building 2 - located to the right of Building 1, adjacent to Flower Clock. Includes Japan Post Office and Yucho Bank on 1st floor, and SMBC on 2nd floor. Daily Yamazaki conbini and larger cafeteria for employees in the basement. Also includes a "secret" passageway into Santica.

Building 3 - located behind Building 2, adjacent to a gas station and Lawson conbini. Home of the School Education Division (7th Floor).

Building 4 - located behind Building 3. What's inside is a mystery.