Mandrillus Curry

Mandrillus Curry

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This is a nice and affordable curry place with a fun and personal atmosphere.

They have two locations, Motomachi and Oji Koen. I often go to the Oji Koen shop (located just outside the station) because of my location.

They have a variety of different curry (coconut, beef, keema, vegetable, eggplant/cheese) on a daily rotation. They usually have at least 3 available at any time.

You can get a curry with tandoori chicken, a generous portion of rice, and a salad for under 700円 ! !

But I find the highest selling point is the comfortable atmosphere with bar seating (at least at the oji koen location). Lots of regulars with everyone interested in having a fun chat over some delicious curry and drinks if you so desire.

Check it out ;)