Outside view of the Hanayama Coop store


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET(s) are allocated housing. 花山 はなやま1477
Dinosaur comics picture of a green T-Rex

Matsuda Eye Clinic (松田眼科クリニック)

Matsuda Eye Clinic Specializing in contacts, eyeglasses, and medications. English OK! They will also provide samples of contacts after getting…1175
Overview of Kobe City during the day

Venus Bridge

Scenic view of Kobe with easy access via a short hike.1220
Kta Rokko picture of building front

MaxValu - Oike

Your essential 24 supermarket located close to Hanayama. It's really big and has a much larger selection than a lot of other nearby places. You can…1280
Pi Sports picture of the building front exterior

Port Island Sports Center

A sport facility on Port Island that was built in commemoration of the Port Pia Exhibition in 1981, the Kobe Port Island Sports Center has multiple…1252
Mukilteo Ferry crossing from Whidbey Island


Where the heart is765
Kande Camp scavenger map

Kobe City Kande Nature Education Garden

Host location for the Kande Camp and Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt.1476
Suma Aqua image of the building front exterior

Suma Aquarium (Suma Aqualife Park)

An aquarium that almost every elementary school student in Kobe has been to, the Suma Aqualife Park hosts 600 species of 13,000 animals swimming and…1243
Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art picture of the front exterior

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art

A municipal gallery of art opened in Nada Ward in 2002, the museum displays more than seven thousand art works, including Western paintings, Japanese…1246
Animate store

Animate Sannomiya

THE store for anime/manga - an infamous aspect of Japanese pop culture. They sell manga (comics), CDs, DVDs, stationery, posters, plush toys,…1251
Dinosaur comics picture of a green T-Rex

Chuo Ward Office

Baan Thai

Baan Thai

The tastiest Thai food in Kobe! Straight up yo. Adjustable spiciness levels: 1-5. 3 will still wreck you bro. Reccomendations: Pad Thai, Pineapple…943
2 Gokan image of building front exterior

Kobe City Hall

神戸市役所 (こうべしやくしょ) The location of the School Education Division, your contracting organization. Former location of the now extinct Guidance Division…1278
Flying Tiger

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

A general lifestyle store in the Centergai shopping district with tons of items that are cool, useful, or both. Great place for classroom prizes or…1250
Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park

Located in Suma ward, this botanical garden was created in 1967 and modeled after the park in the Palace of Versailles. There are 230 types of threes…1259
Front of a building getting dark

Nada Onsen

An old but charming local onsen that doesn't discriminate at all against tattoos! Expect to see some Yakuza though :) Sauna and bath entry is only…1216
Cafe Demi cozy inside picture

Jam Jam (Jazz Cafe)

A chilled out cafe for the jazz lovers. Steady tunes of new wave and classic jazz on vinyl.  Hosts a listening only seating section in addition to…1221
Nagisa Onsen

HAT Nagisanoyu

A sento (public bathhouse) that uses real hot spring water. In addition to the baths, you can get a massage or dine at the restaurant inside the…1244
Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Greenhouse-based park featuring tropical plants, birds & small mammals, plus interactive shows. You can come in touch with various animals.1242
Anpanman Museum picture of the building's front exterior

Anpanman Museum

The Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall is an interactive museum and children's center for the Japanese hero Anpanman. Located in the…1245
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