Meriken Park

Meriken Park

Pleasant place to take a walk, enjoying a beautiful seaside view of Kobe. Also hosts several events throughout the year, including the Indian Mela…1253

Bando Kobe Science Museum

Containing the only planetarium in Kobe, the Bando Kobe Science Museum is a great place for everyone young and old to learn about science. There are…1258
Konan University picture of the building front

Konan University - Nishinomiya

The Nishinomiya campus of the private educational institution Konan University. Many Kobe and Hyogo ALT(s) volunteer in English conversation…1474
SJ Kobe picture of available foods

SJ Kobe

An import store with a particularly wide range of snacks, candy, tea and alcohol from overseas. Also has cheese, pastas and a variety of other savory…1281
Cafe Demi cozy inside picture

Jam Jam (Jazz Cafe)

A chilled out cafe for the jazz lovers. Steady tunes of new wave and classic jazz on vinyl.  Hosts a listening only seating section…1221
Ichigahara picture of the water stream

Ichigahara Dam

If you continue to hike past Nunobiki Falls, you can see the Ichigahara River. If you follow the river, it will take you to an area where you…1248
Nagisa Onsen

HAT Nagisanoyu

A sento (public bathhouse) that uses real hot spring water. In addition to the baths, you can get a massage or dine at the restaurant inside the…1244
Baan Thai

Baan Thai

The tastiest Thai food in Kobe! Straight up yo. Adjustable spiciness levels: 1-5. 3 will still wreck you bro. Reccomendations: Pad Thai,…943
Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park

Located in Suma ward, this botanical garden was created in 1967 and modeled after the park in the Palace of Versailles. There are 230 types of threes…1259
Dima Coffee picture of the store front

Lima Coffee

A staple in the Kobe Coffee community. Located between both JR Kobe and JR Motomachi, and just south of the Shoutengai. It’s a little bit out of the…1296
Nunobiki picture of the waterfall

Nunobiki Falls

The revered Nunobiki Falls has been the subject of art, poetry and worship for centuries – some of the poems are reproduced on stone tablets at the…1286
Pi Sports picture of the building front exterior


Marine Pia building front


Reasonably priced shopping near the sea948
Kobe Immigration Office picture of front of building

Kobe Immigration Office

Important place for you to renew your visa and reentry permit. If you forget to bring a photo, there is a photo booth on the first floor. …1435
Pic of Silva Menu

Green House Silva (グリーンハウスシルバ)

Forest themed paradise in the middle of a concrete city. Great food, drinks, and atmosphere! Gets pretty busy during peak times, so be prepared to…1176
Animals - horse

Chuo Ward Office

David Maira & Ian eating crepes


Amazing dessert crepes place with a TON of options - they also have several savory crepes. Everything I've tried so far is delicious, though if you…1187
Pi Sports picture of the building front exterior

Port Island Sports Center

A sport facility on Port Island that was built in commemoration of the Port Pia Exhibition in 1981, the Kobe Port Island Sports Center has multiple…1252
Kobe Animal Kingdom

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Greenhouse-based park featuring tropical plants, birds & small mammals, plus interactive shows. You can come in touch with various animals.1242
Kobe barber

The Barber 理髪館三宮店

Great, cheap haircut place. For ¥1,500 you can get a haircut, shampoo AND shave (even if you're sporting a mountain man beard). Not…1235
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