Ikkanrou - outside under the subway

Ikkanrou butaman

Fantastic meat buns right next to/under the station - also have gyoza, etc.1209
Nunobiki picture of the waterfall

Nunobiki Falls

The revered Nunobiki Falls has been the subject of art, poetry and worship for centuries – some of the poems are reproduced on stone tablets at the…1286
Nim Cafe picture of outside building

Nim. cafe

Highly recommended cafe by the students of Rokko Island High School - has a nice atmosphere with the lunch menu being different from the dinner menu.1255
Anpanman Museum picture of the building's front exterior

Anpanman Museum

The Kobe Anpanman Children's Museum & Mall is an interactive museum and children's center for the Japanese hero Anpanman. Located in the…1245
Kande Camp scavenger map

Kobe City Kande Nature Education Garden

Host location for the Kande Camp and Kande Camp Scavenger Hunt.1476
Colorful bulb outline


One of two primary sites where Kobe JET(s) are allocated housing.1478


You can eat delicious sweets while looking at Buddhist statues (Motomachi location only) and other delightful interior decor. They are famous for…1256
Animate store


THE store for anime/manga - an infamous aspect of Japanese pop culture. They sell manga (comics), CDs, DVDs, stationery, posters, plush toys,…1251
Pic of Silva Menu

Greenhouse SILVA (グリーンハウスシルバ)

Forest themed paradise in the middle of a concrete city. Great food, drinks, and atmosphere! Gets pretty busy during peak times, so be prepared to…1176
Umie buiilding front


Umie is a popular shopping center where you can find department stores, food and sports goods.947
Elua burger

Elua Diner

Essentially the replacement burger joint for those of us who were all about some SB Diner. Relatively affordable burgers. The classics plus a few…941
Colorful bulb outline

English Speaking Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Yamada went to school in Portland, Oregon so his English is perfect. He takes national health insurance and is a just a really good dentist in…1170
Photo of a Gratefuls burger set with fries salad and a coke

Gratefuls Burgers by the Beach

This seaside diner has some of the best tasting food for kilometres around - I'd know, I went looking. The google reviews call it pricey but they don…1583
Junk Burger plate of food

Junk Burger

That down and dirty heavy stacker burger you've been longing for. A burger joint with a variety of other izakaya type foods to indulge in...…942
2 Gokan image of building front exterior

Kobe City Hall

神戸市役所 (こうべしやくしょ) The location of the School Education Division, your contracting organization. Former location of the now extinct Guidance Division…1278

Bando Kobe Science Museum

Containing the only planetarium in Kobe, the Bando Kobe Science Museum is a great place for everyone young and old to learn about science. There are…1258
Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art picture of the front exterior

Hyogo Ward Office

Trick picture of ALT

Trick Art Museum

A fun, interactive building in the Kitano area that was built in the Meiji era. There are six optical illusions that you can have fun taking pictures…1257
Kita Ku

Kita-ku Ward Office

This is the Ward Office for Kita-ku and the place any JETs living in Hanayama will be registered. You will have been here at least once when you…1279
Suma Aqua image of the building front exterior

Suma Aquarium (Suma Aqualife Park)

An aquarium that almost every elementary school student in Kobe has been to, the Suma Aqualife Park hosts 600 species of 13,000 animals swimming and…1243
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