Mikage Elementary School


Mikage Kita Elementary School
1 Chome-12-1 Mikageyamate, Higashinada Ward
Kobe, Hyogo

School type
Japan Maneki-neko coin welcoming cat


6 years 1 month ago

An average to large sized elementary school, just a block away from Mikage JHS. Class sizes average 30-35 students, with anywhere from 3-5 classes per grade depending on the year.

Staff are welcoming and helpful, though they are used to ALTs who have conversational Japanese as that has been the case for the last 5-7 years. Still, many staff are excited to try and use English and chat with the ALT.

ALT responsibilities vary per grade and per HRT - you'll likely have a mixture of scenarios. Higher grade teachers are generally pretty good for providing a lesson plan from a Japanese resource book, but it is written entirely in Japanese and can be pretty dry sometimes. Most are more than happy to make adjustments though. Lower grades have relied more heavily on the ALT but a few teachers are very eager to collaborate or even take full reign themselves. The kids are very energetic and generally love ALT classes. Nakayoshi students also love the ALT and often take part in classes with the rest of their class. The ALT is also always welcome to pop into the nakayoshi room - the current head teacher has one of the highest English ability of all teachers. Other teachers are also more than happy to have the ALT pop into any classes during free periods.

The school has a number of resources for lessons. All Hi Friends lessons have printed cards for any vocabulary. Though, with coming textbook changes I am not sure what the new resources will be like. Classrooms all have a TV and cords for hooking up your or the HRTs kiif to the TV and internet. There is a activity room with some English story books, dictionaries and ample space for playing games. A projector can also be easily set up in the activity room. There is no English room, so unless you book the activity room (which as no desks or chairs) lessons will likely be in the classrooms.

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