Rokko Island Senior High School


Rokko Island High School
Higashinada Ward, Koyochonaka, 4 Chome−4
Kobe, Hyogo

School type
High school
Stitch from Lilo & Stitch


7 years 1 month ago

Rokko HS is a very friendly, open school with incredible opportunities to get involved. Many of the teachers, including even non-English teachers, love practicing their English with you and will ask for your help on everything from personal resume and application editing, to event schedule drafting in English, to the more run-of-the-mill student essay and test review and feedback.

Some of the teachers are very interested in organizing ICPs and special English-inclusive events and would love to have your help. There is also an English "ESS" club you will be welcome to join and help organize activities for.

Regarding classes, there are several English-centered types of classes including English Communication and Expression, and Comparative Cultures. For the 1-nensei classes, you will most likely work with the other long term, native-English speaker at the school, a KATE from Australia - splitting up the classes and deciding upon a curriculum goal and specific lesson plans. For your 2 and 3-nensei classes, you will be able to devise and implement curricula of your choice, with feedback from the OTEs you'll be working with for those classes. In my case, I conducted lessons focused on presentation practice with student country posters, group songs with English lyrics, and short group skits - from popular English movies as well as self-prepared stories.

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