Sakuranomiya Junior High School

School type
Junior high

Tiffany Tomcal

5 years 1 month ago

Sakuranomiya is one of the smaller schools in Kobe. There are under 300 students and about 30 staff members.

You will have the opportunity to do the full range of your duties as an ALT here; in some classes you will assist in OTE-planned lessons, in some the OTE will assist you, and there are opportunities to plan your own single classes, warm-up units, and even KICPs. In the past, there has only been one KICP for the 2nd and 3rd graders but talk of expansion to multiple ICP days for all grades has been discussed and only waits for the right catalyst.

There is no English club, but that could also change with the right catalyst. Overall, while you may have to make efforts to get information about in-school events that are not English-related or Sports/Culture Day (and sometimes even then!) and the English level of most teachers is...not high, the office atmosphere is warm and welcoming. With the right mindset and work ethic, Sakuranomiya is a place where you can flourish as an ALT.

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