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How do I exchange money? What's the best conversion rate?

There are many options to exchange money in and out of Japan. Better rates can usually be found upon arriving in a destination country when traveling. Airport rates can also usually be worse than exchanges one your pass through immigration, but this can depend upon the country and situation.

Feel free to include your personal experience with any countries you've travelled in!

Booking websites for flights, accommodations, tours, etc.

Expedia Japan - 

Kayak - 

Vayama - 

Student Universe empowers young adults to experience the world with discount travel. For students and those under 26, our cheap flights, hotels and tours make it affordable to travel anywhere you want to go. Although we specialize in student and youth discounts, most of our promo codes apply for all ages.

Sending Your Life Home in a Cardboard Box

When it comes to sending belongings home, the last thing you want is to lug countless heavy items to the post office, only to find out that weight and size exceeds the limits, or that the final price exceeds your budget. And perhaps the next to last thing you want is to be surprised at how detailed the customs form is and have to reopen packages to remember what the contents are.


Hopefully the attached items will help you know what to expect.